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How to link your bank or credit card account to Rocket Money

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Once you’ve made a Rocket Money account you can follow these instructions to link a new bank account via Plaid 👇

  1. Select the Settings icon "⚙️" in the upper left corner

  2. Select Linked Accounts 🏦

  3. Select Link a new institution on the app or + Add institution on web

  4. Enter in your bank's name into the search bar

  5. Select bank’s name, when it appears

  6. Enter the username and password that you'd use to access this bank account online

Once Plaid, our bank linking provider, approves your log-in, the bank account will be linked to Rocket Money!

Please allow us 24-48 hrs to populate all of your transaction data. If you experience any issues connecting your bank account this article explains our most common connection errors.

If you have any other questions or run into any issues linking a bank account you contact Support via our chat.

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