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Your account connection status
Your account connection status

Better understand whether your account is connected and syncing with Rocket Money.

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Rocket Money uses secure services to connect with your banking institution(s).

Ideally once you link your accounts to Rocket Money, you are all set: your accounts should remain connected and you'll receive information on a standard schedule (typically every 4 to 24 hours) from your banking institutions.

We use this data to display your accounts, transactions, and even subscriptions inside the Rocket Money app. The status of a fully connected account will be healthy.

Infrequently, the connection to a linked account can break. Our team monitors these types of breakages daily. In these scenarios, you will see one of three statuses in the Rocket Money app:

1. Temporary Issue

Your linked account is not syncing. For a short period of time, you will not see new transactions or account balances inside the app. In this scenario, your banking institution is usually having trouble sending information to Rocket Money. This issue typically resolves itself in a few days and it's best to wait for it to resolve on its own. When your account is back up and running, the status will say healthy.

2. Delayed

Your linked account is syncing, but not on a regular schedule of every 4 to 24 hours. New information such as transactions and account balances is being updated slowly. This scenario frequently resolves itself within a few days when your linked account will go back to syncing on a regular schedule and its status will say healthy.

3. Needs Connection

Your account is not syncing with Rocket Money. To restore syncing, click the red 'Reconnect' button on your account page.

Alternatively, you can reconnect your account by:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top left of the dashboard screen.

  2. Select 'Linked Accounts'

  3. Select the '****' next to the account you would like to reconnect.

  4. Select 'Unlink My Account'

  5. Once your account is unlinked, select '+' at the top of the 'Linked Accounts' page and reconnect your account.

If you need assistance reconnecting your account, check out this article about linking accounts.

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