Rocket Money now has the ability to import Apple card transactions so you have a more accurate picture of your finances!

To get started:

  • Select the Settings icon ⚙️ in the upper left corner.

  • Tap on Linked Accounts and from there

  • Select Link a new institution and search “Apple Card” in the search bar.

A video tutorial will then play, showing the following steps you’ll be taking:

  • Tap your Wallet app

  • Tap on your Apple Card balance

  • Scroll down and select the statement you want to import.

  • Tap “Export Transactions

  • Then select “Comma Separated Values.”

  • You will then want to select the “Share” option at the top right of the screen

  • Then select the Rocket Money app.

You will then be brought back into the app where you will see your Apple card statements.

Keep in mind that statements are loaded one month at a time, so you will need to do this each month.

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