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About Rocket Money

Want to learn more about Rocket Money? Start here!

Sharing Your Rocket Money Account

Learn more about sharing your Rocket Money account

Managing your Rocket Money Account

Learn more about updating your login methods and deleting your Rocket Money account

Rocket Money Premium Membership

Learn more about our Premium Membership features and how to manage your subscription

Linking Accounts

All about connecting your bank and credit card statements to Rocket Money

Perfect your data
Managing Subscriptions

How to manage your budget with Rocket Money

Bill Negotiations
Smart Savings Plan

Learn more about about how Smart Savings Plans work

Net Worth

Learn more about your Net Worth in the app

Credit Scores

Learn more about your Credit Score in the app

Debt Repayment

Debt repayment strategies and considerations

Bank Fees

Learn how to request your bank to reverse late and overdraft fees


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