I can't find my bank

My bank isn't listed when I search to add a new connection

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Unfortunately if your bank or financial institution can not be found on our list, we can not currently connect to it.

We use secure third-party tools to connect to your financial institutions. Our partners are always looking to increase the number of banks and financial institutions they support. If your bank or financial institution does not appear on the list, you can submit a request to Plaid to have it added.

Requesting support for your bank

To request support on the mobile app, please type in your bank's name in the search bar on the Select your account page. At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to tap on your bank's name to request support for it. This feature is not available on the website. After selecting your bank's name, you'll see a green Requested message that indicates that the request went through.

After a request it submitted, you bank will have to work with Plaid to build an integration. Sadly we are not able to notify you when your bank is added so we encourage you to check back every few months. Plaid does not provide ETA for requested banks so we also recommend reaching out to your bank and requesting it with them too.

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