I can't find my bank
My bank isn't listed in the app
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We work with a secure third party (Plaid) for our banking connections. Unfortunately if your bank or financial institution can not be found on our list, it is not currently supported.

Plaid is constantly looking to improve the number of banks and financial institutions they support.  While they support thousands of institutions, there are some banks and credit unions that they are unable to support at this time. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to speed up that process on their end.

Requesting support for your bank

To request support, please type in your bank's name in the search bar on the Select your account page. At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to tap on your bank's name to request support for it.

After selecting your bank's name, you 'll see a green Requested message that indicates that the request went through.

At this time, we don't have the ability to message you directly when your bank is supported, although we hope to be able to do so in the near future.

What can I do in if my primary bank account isn't supported?

Link secondary accounts and credit cards: Even if you can't link your primary bank account, you should be able to link most other financial institutions you would use, including credit cards and PayPal.

Save money (and time) by having us lower your bills: You can also use our Bill Negotiation feature to see if we can save you any money on your bills, such as your Internet or phone bill.

Manage and cancel subscriptions: Lastly, you can still add bills and subscriptions manually by heading to the Recurring tab and clicking on the + symbol at the top of the page. You can also still use our subscription cancellation feature!

Common questions

Financial apps: Apps, like Venmo, Cashapp, and Digit are not supported by Plaid yet, but we are working on ways for you to enter that information into Rocket Money.

Adding an account manually: At this time, we don't have the option to add your bank account manually, but we're hoping to do that in the near future

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