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How to get the most out of Rocket Money
How to get the most out of Rocket Money

Having trouble getting started in the app? Learn here how to get the most of of your Rocket Money account

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How does Rocket Money work?

Rocket Money is an automated financial assistant that allows for all of your financial information to be easily accessible in one place. You can safely connect all of your accounts, track all of your spending, manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, and keep you on top of your financial life.

Linking your Accounts to Rocket Money

To use Rocket Money, you want to first connect your bank accounts and credit cards via our secure linking provider Plaid so that our software can analyze your transactions.

Tracking your Spending

Get a breakdown of your finances and see where your money is going and how to improve in the Spending tab. You can see monthly reports of your money, where it’s going and how your spending changes over time. You can also view a full list of your transactions and even search through your transactions across all your accounts directly from here. Customize your notifications to alert you of important events that need your attention so you’re never caught off guard.

Managing Subscriptions & Bills

Rocket Money is able to find subscriptions automatically for anything you pay with a Rocket Money connected bank account or credit card. Once your accounts are successfully linked, you will be able to find all of your subscriptions within the Recurring tab of the app. From there, you can click on any recurring subscription to see more information about it and cancel any unneeded ones. You can cancel yourself, or Premium members can request our team members do it for you!

Lowering your Bills

You can also lower your bills, let our negotiators go to work for you to get the best possible rate. To do this, click on the "Lower your bills" card on your Dashboard tab, then add the various bills that you'd like to lower.


Building a budget is a great way to understand and get control over your spending and reach your financial goals. Get started with your budget by tapping on the ‘Start Budget’ box in the Spending tab in the mobile app. You can there edit or add budget categories by tapping on the Settings icon beneath your Spend pie chart. Allowing you to keep your spending in line by category!

Smart Savings Plans

We help you save up money for the future effortlessly with our Smart Savings Plans feature. We analyze your accounts to determine the optimal time to save, so you reach your goals faster and avoid overdraft fees. Simply tap on ‘Smart Savings’ from the Dashboard to setup your automated savings plan!

Credit Score

Your credit score impacts your ability to get new credit, the interest rates you'll pay, and even your car insurance bill. Rocket Money offers your credit score calculated from the FICO model from Experian. Giving you access to your credit report and history, alerting you of important changes that impact your score, and offering you insights to understand what it all means.

Net Worth

By tracking everything you own and owe in one place, your net worth helps you measure and monitor your financial health over time. To navigate to Net Worth, Tap ‘More’ from the Dashboard of the mobile app and select ‘Net Worth’.

We are constantly adding new features and our aim is to be your central hub to running all your finances! Stay tuned for more features coming soon! 🤩

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