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Manage your families finances in one place with Rocket Money.

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With Account Sharing, you'll be able to manage your budgets together, see all of your bank accounts in one place, review all of your subscriptions, and more! Each person will have their own login credentials.

Only one Premium membership is required, there are no additional costs to share an account.

Note: Note: Account Sharing is still in beta. There are a few limitations still, for example, the person that you're sharing your account with will not be able to view their credit score in the app.

Here are some examples of how you can use Rocket Money together!

Create a household budget

As our lifestyles change, so should our budget! You can create and modify your budget together.

For example; one person does most of the grocery shopping, and they may want to set the Grocery budget. The other person keeps track of bills and and may want to set the Bills & Utilities budget.

Manage subscriptions

Both account holders will be able to view, add, and cancel subscriptions in Rocket Money. Keep up to date on your household or individual recurring payments here.

Track your finances together

Get a holistic view of your income and spending across all bank and credit card accounts. Together, you can categorize and add notes to expenses, to stay on top of your spending.

For example; you share an account and someone goes on a business trip, they can use Rocket Money while away to reclassify and note any business transactions. Both parties will see these changes in realtime.

Save for your future

Create a Smart Savings account to automatically set aside money towards your savings goals. Together, you can watch your savings grow!

Note: Only one checking account can be linked to Smart Savings goals.

How to share your account

  • Select the gears in the top left corner of the app and navigate to Profile

  • Tap on 'Share Account' and enter your significant other's name and email address.

  • Done! The invitation has been sent! ✉️

Accepting the invitation

Once invited, the shared partner has 7 days to join Rocket Money before their invite expires. If the invitation expires, the account holder can send another.

If the shared partner has an existing Rocket Money account, they will first need to delete this.

Unshare your account

If you unshare your account, the shared partner will no longer have access to your Rocket Money data and will start fresh with a new account.

Follow the below steps to unshare your account:

  • Select the gears in the top left corner of the app and navigate to Profile

  • Tap on Stop Sharing and proceed to select Yes, unshare

Shared Partner:
Unlinking will remove you from the shared account. You can then start over with your own personal Rocket Money account.

Follow the below steps to unlink your account:

  • Select Unlink from (Name)

  • Select Yes, unlink & start over

It's easier than ever to stay on the same financial page! Please let us know if you have any questions at

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