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Manage your families finances in one place with Rocket Money.

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Sharing your Rocket Money account and Premium Membership with a partner has never been easier! Together, you’ll be able to manage your budgets, see all of your bank accounts and transactions in one place, review all of your subscriptions, and more! Each person will have their own login credentials, so your passwords can still be secure 🔒

Account Sharing is still in beta testing. There are a few limitations still, but we’re working on making the experience better!

Examples of Using Rocket Money Together

Create a Household Budget

As our lifestyles change, so should our budget! You can create and modify your budget together. For example, if one person does most of the grocery shopping, they may want to set the Grocery budget. If the other person keeps track of bills and and may want to set the Bills & Utilities budget. Changes that one person makes will be saved for the other.

Manage Subscriptions

Both account holders will be able to view, add, and cancel subscriptions in Rocket Money. Keep up to date on your household or individual recurring payments here.

Track your Finances Together

Get a holistic view of your income and spending across all bank and credit card accounts. Together, you can categorize and add notes to expenses, to stay on top of your spending.

Save for your Future

Create a Smart Savings account to automatically set aside money towards your savings goals. Together, you can watch your savings grow!

Note 👉 Only one checking account can be linked to Smart Savings goals.

Steps to Share and Revoke Access to your Rocket Money Account

How to Share your Rocket Money Account

Sharing your Rocket Money account can only be done through our mobile app currently. Please follow these steps to share your account:

  1. Tap on the Settings (⚙️) icon in the upper left corner of the Dashboard

  2. Select Profile from the menu

  3. Scroll down and tap on Enable under Share with your Partner

  4. Enter the full name and email address of the person that you’d like to share your account with.

  5. Tap Share My Account and then you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen. Select Done to go back to your Profile page

How to Revoke Access to your Rocket Money Account

If you decide that you no longer want to share your account, you can always revoke the invite or access to the account. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Once logged into the Rocket Money app, tap on the Settings icon (⚙️) in the upper left corner of the Dashboard

  2. Tap on Profile

  3. Under the Account Sharing section, tap on Stop Sharing

  4. The Primary User will be asked to confirm that this is an action that they’d like to take. If the Primary User is sure that they’d like to “unshare” their data, they’ll just tap on Yes, Unshare to remove the Secondary User from their account

How to Accept the Invite to a Shared Rocket Money Account

If you received an invite to join someone’s Rocket Money account, you can follow these steps to accept the invite:

  1. Tap on Accept Invitation in the invitation email that you received from (the subject line will be You’ve been invited to join [Primary Member’s] Rocket Money account)

  2. Enter your desired password for your new Rocket Money account

  3. If you don’t have the Rocket Money app downloaded, you’ll be prompted to download the app on your mobile device.

  4. Once the app has downloaded to your device, you can login with your credentials

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