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Learn about how to share your Rocket Money account with a significant other to manage your finances together!

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Premium users can share their account with a partner as part of their membership! Sharing your Rocket Money account with a partner is now a simple process! It allows you both to manage your finances together, streamlining your budgets, bank accounts, transactions, and subscription reviews all in one place.

In an effort to keep login credentials secure, each partner will have their own, unique login credentials. This will also allow each partner to have their own MFA preferences set up so they can authenticate their account whenever it’s needed!

Below you’ll see some common ways that people use the Account Sharing feature:

Creating a Household Budget

Adapt your budget to suit your changing lifestyles. You and your partner can create and modify your budget together. For instance, the partner who does the grocery shopping can set the Grocery budget, while the one who keeps track of bills can set the Bills & Utilities budget. Any changes made by one person will be visible to the other to create a sense of trust and visibility!

Managing Subscriptions

Both account holders can view, add, and cancel subscriptions in Rocket Money. This feature helps you stay updated on your household or individual recurring payments.

Tracking Finances Together

Get a comprehensive view of your income and expenses across all bank and credit card accounts that are linked to the app. Together, you can categorize and add notes to expenses, helping you keep a firm grip on your spending.

Saving for the Future

Create a Smart Savings account to automatically put money towards your savings goals. Together, you can watch your savings increase! For security purposes, only one checking account can currently be linked to Smart Savings goals.

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