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Why is Rocket Money Charging Me?
Why is Rocket Money Charging Me?

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Rocket Money is a free app with optional paid services and a Smart Savings feature. Here's a list of things that could show up as a charge or transfer on your bank or credit card statement.

Smart Savings Deposit

Our Smart Savings feature is a way to put your savings on autopilot! If you’re seeing transactions (random or scheduled) on your bank account that mention Rocket Savings, it’s very likely that these are not charges, but deposits into a Smart Savings account that you started.

For more information on managing your Smart Savings account, please check out the following guides:

Premium Membership

We offer our Premium Membership on a sliding scale of $6 -$12 billed monthly or $36, $48, $60 billed annually. The transaction description will typically include Rocket Money Premium for your convenience. You can cancel your subscription at any time from the app by following the instructions outlined in this article.

For more information on benefits included with your Premium membership, please check out this guide.

Bill Negotiation fee

For all successful negotiations (meaning, that if we are not able to secure you a savings, we won’t charge you), we charge a one-time fee equal to a percentage of the savings we negotiate. When you submit your negotiation request, you may choose to pay a fee equivalent to 30-60% of the first year's savings. This percentage will be charged up front and will hit your account 48 hours after we have confirmed the successful negotiation, and then you keep the savings from then on out.

If you'd prefer to split the fee up, we can help you set up a payment plan!

You can set one up by clicking the link in your Negotiation Success email, or you can Contact Us and we'll help you set one up. Just be sure to setup or request a payment plan before the payment due date listed in your Success email.

I've been charged, but I don't have a Rocket Money account

If you see a charge from Rocket Money, but do not currently have an account with us, please contact us with the following information (you will also need to upload a screenshot of the charge) and we'll investigate for you:

  1. Name of the Bank or Institution Charged

  2. Last 4 Digits of Account Number

  3. Last Name associated with the Bank Account

  4. Charge Amount

  5. Charge Date

It’s also possible that an authorized user on the bank account is paying for a Rocket Money service with the shared bank account. Please be sure to check with them about any possible charges!

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