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Why is Rocket Money Charging Me?
Why is Rocket Money Charging Me?

Learn about the different transactions that can appear on your account from Rocket Money

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While Rocket Money is a free app, there are several optional paid services and features that could result in a charge or transfer appearing on your bank or credit card statement:

  1. Smart Savings Deposits: These are not charges, but deposits into a Smart Savings account that’s tied to your Rocket Money account. It's a great way to automate your savings! If you see transactions mentioning “Savings Transfers”, it's likely related to this feature. Learn more about managing your Smart Savings account here.

  2. Premium Membership: We offer a Premium Membership that ranges from . You'll typically see “Rocket Money Premium” on the transaction description. You can cancel your subscription at any time from the app by reviewing the steps listed on here.

  3. Bill Negotiation Fee: If we successfully negotiate your bills and secure you savings, we'll charge a fee based on 30% - 60% of your first year's savings. You decide the percentage within this range!

If you see a charge from Rocket Money but don't recall having an account with us, it's possible that an authorized user on the bank account is paying for a Rocket Money service with the shared bank account. Please be sure to check with them about any possible charges!

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