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Missing subscriptions

Learn more about why you could be missing a subscription or bill in the app

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Rocket Money uses advanced algorithms to analyze your transactions and automatically identify your subscriptions and bills.

If you are missing subscriptions, first make sure that you have linked the account that you pay the subscription with to Rocket Money. Also, check the 'Inactive' link (at the bottom of your Recurring tab in the app) to see if the subscription is listed there.

If you still cannot find your subscription, you can add it manually as well. Simply open the Rocket Money mobile app, go to the 'Recurring' tab, and click the '+' icon in the upper right. Finally, add in your bill details manually to the app.

Please Note Due to the way Apple iTunes bundles subscriptions, we display those differently. For more information, see this help article: Where can I see my Apple iTunes subscriptions?

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