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At Rocket Money, we respect your privacy and recognize the importance of protecting your personal data. Our Privacy Policy provides detailed information on how we handle and protect the data we collect from our websites and applications.

What's in the Policy?

Our Privacy Policy covers everything from the type of information we collect, how we use it, when we might disclose it and even how you can access or request deletion of your personal data.

How to Access Your Data

You have the right to request to know more about the information we collect, use, disclose, and even sell. You can also request access to this data, request for it to be deleted or corrected, and you have the right not to be discriminated against for exercising these rights.

To make these requests, simply start a request online. Rest assured, we'll verify your request by asking you to provide information related to your recent interactions with us.

Do note that if you're making requests through an authorized agent, we need proof that you've granted them the authority to act on your behalf.

Ready to Dive In?

Find out more by reading the full Rocket Family of Companies Privacy Policy. Remember, your privacy matters to us.

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