Account Snapshots

Explore a detailed view of each account linked to Rocket Money.

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With all of your financial accounts linked to Rocket Money, it's easy to get a great birds-eye view of where your money is and how its moving! With Account Snapshots, Rocket Money members can get a more detailed view on each financial account. There is one Account Snapshot for each financial account linked to Rocket Money.

How to view Account Snapshots

To view any of your personalize Account Snapshots, simply click on any financial account row from your Dashboard Tab (see below)๐Ÿ‘‡

What's on my Account Snapshots?


Your account balance will appear as a large blue number at the top of the screen. Other basic information about the account will also appear, including the financial institution, account name, and last 4 digits of the account number.


The graph shows your account balance over time. You can use the toggles to look at how your balance changed over different periods of time.


The list of transactions shows your most recent transactions for that account. For example, if you are viewing the Account Snapshot for a credit card, you will see the most recent charges on that credit card. If you click the 'View All' button, you can see ALL of the charges on that credit card, not just the most recent ones.

Remember, you can change the category of any transaction by simply clicking on the category icon on the left and selecting a new category.

Connection Status

The connection status box shows a few pieces of information about your financial account ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • First Synced: The first date that this particular financial account was linked.

  • Last Synced: The date that this particular financial account was last synced.

  • Status: The status of this particular financial account. The status reflects whether the account is syncing normally or if there is an issue. To learn about the 4 different statuses, please see this article.

The 'Sync Account' button allows you to manually sync your financial account with Rocket Money. There is usually no need to use this button because your accounts should sync automatically, but sometimes it feels good to just sync and update an account right away.

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