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Working with reimbursements & shared bills
Working with reimbursements & shared bills

Learn more about categorizing reimbursements and shared bills within your budget

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Business Expense Reimbursements

Expenses that will be reimbursed such as corporate travel expenses should not be included in your spending reports or your charts may be inaccurate.

For these, you want to recategorize them into the 'Reimbursements' category. This makes it easy to keep track of these expenses while not throwing off your budget. When you receive payment for the reimbursement, you should set that transaction as a reimbursement also to avoid counting it as income.

Shared Bills

If you pay for bills or other expenses, and then have others pay you back a portion of it, you will want to find those repayment transactions and set them to the same category as the initial expense.

For example, if your rent is under 'Bills & Utilities' and two roommates pay you back a portion of that rent, change the category of those to Bills & Utilities also. Rocket Money will then net the expense and repayments against each other and your charts will accurately reflect your true spending in that category.

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