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Fixing your income transactions
Fixing your income transactions
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Income is considered to be any deposit of money coming in from an external source.  This includes things like paychecks, social security, and more. To review what is counted as income, simply tap on the "Income" line in your Reports tab.  The Income page shows transactions counted as income, as well as other deposits that are not being counted as income (for example, a deposit from an account to another one).

Rocket Money is showing my income too low

At the bottom of your income screen you will see transactions that are not counted towards your income.  To count any of these towards income, simply change the category to "Income". If you are missing income, please contact support through the chat in the app or email

If Rocket Money is showing your income number too high

Transfers - If the income transaction is actually just a transfer from another account, tap the icon on the transaction and change the category to "Internal Transfers"

Refunds - If the transaction is actually a refund for a prior purchase, tap the transaction and change it to the category the initial purchase was in.  This will then properly subtract it from that spending category.

Bill reimbursements / splitting - If you share bills and receive payments for them, you may not want to count those as income.  Instead, simply change the category to the "Bills & Utilities" category to have these transactions subtract from your bill expenses.

Business expense reimbursements - Change the category to "Reimbursements" so it does not count against your spending or income.

Ignoring transactions - You can also ignore any transaction altogether by tapping it and selecting the "Ignore" option.

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