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How to create your own budget category
How to create your own budget category

Customize your budgeting goals with custom categories

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Create your own budget categories to help track your spending using custom categories. Once created, custom categories can be included within budgeting goals too!

You can make a custom category by following these instructions πŸ‘‡

  1. Tap on the Settings (βš™οΈ) icon on the top left hand corner of the screen

  2. Select the Categories and Rules tab

  3. Tap New Category

  4. Type in the name you'd like to set for the category and choose an icon & color you'd like to use. You can also select if you want the category to be included in your spend or income.

  5. Select Save.

Please note πŸ‘‰ Creating custom categories can only be done on the mobile app at this time. Please log in on your mobile phone to get started.

​You'll also need to manually add a transaction to your new category in order for them to count towards your spending totals.

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