Enabling Payday View

Payday View allows you to view bills that are due before your next payday and calculate a 'safe to spend' number

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The Payday view feature on the Recurring tab allows you see all of your bills that are due before your next payday. In addition to the increased visibility for those bills, we'll calculate a safe to spend number that will let you know how much you can spend before your next paycheck.

Here a few things to note before you dive into the payday view:

  • For this feature to work, you will need to have connected the bank account that you receive your paychecks.

  • The payday view will only show bills that are paid via that checking account.

  • A minimum of 3 paychecks with consistent descriptions and deposit cadences are required to detect your income.

  • This is an app-only feature at this time and not available on Rocket Money's web platform.

Payday View Limitations

  • Variable income: income with inconsistent amounts or pay dates such as commission cannot be tracked by the app due to being unpredictable.

  • Multiple incomes: our app may not always detect multiple income sources.****

  • New job: If you receive a new source of income, you need to wait for a minimum of 3 pay periods for the app to detect your income.

  • Manual income: you cannot add income manually at this time. Our app must detect your payroll.

If you are prompted to connect a checking account when enabling your payday view, but meet the requirements above, it's likely that we need more information to determine your next payday.

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