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How does your payment history impact your credit score?
How does your payment history impact your credit score?

Understanding payment history better

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Payment History regards how consistently you make payments. This factor has the highest impact on your credit score as the score is primarily used to determine how likely you are to pay back debt.

Proof that you are responsible with repayments = HIGHER chance of being approved for credit cards and loans!

As a credit score factor, payment history takes into account your payments over 7 years, with more recent late payments weighted heavier than older ones. All of your account repayments are calculated into this factor from credit card to loan accounts. A repayment is considered late once it's more than 30 days past due, paying off debts before this time can improve your credit score significantly.

In the Rocket Money app you're provided with a chart which shows your total available payment history. The chart indicates how you've done in terms of payments each month. For months where you've had a late payment you can tap on the month to display which account the late payment is associated with. You can also see a full list of all of your late payments by tapping 'Late/Missed Payments' below the chart.

Below this you can also see negative marks. These occur when you're significantly behind on payments and include factors such as collections, foreclosures and repossessions. You should avoid these as much as possible.

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