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How do hard inquiries impact your credit score?
How do hard inquiries impact your credit score?

Understanding hard inquiries on your credit report better

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A hard inquiry, also known as a hard pull occurs when your credit report is checked to assess your credit worthiness. Most often hard inquires occur when a lender checks your credit report to determine whether or not to proceed with your application. Too many hard inquires can negatively impact your credit score, however hard inquires are considered a low impact factor.

Do all credit checks result in a hard pull?

No, sometimes when your credit report is checked a soft inquiry/pull will occur, and these inquires do not affect your credit score. For example when you check your own credit, this does not result in a hard pull, and your credit score remains unaffected. Another example is many banks will only do a soft pull when assessing your creditworthiness for a savings account. In order for a hard pull to occur your consent is required. Always make sure to check the small print when you're filing an application or inquire with your bank directly so you know whether a hard or soft inquiry will occur.

Checking your credit score within the Rocket Money app is a soft inquiry. This type of inquiry has no impact on your credit score and is not reported to any of the credit bureaus.

How long do the effects last?

Hard inquires show on your credit report for around two years; however, the negative effects of a hard inquiry tend to fade after one year. In the Rocket Money app you can check what hard inquires you've had across the past two years on the hard inquires page.

Tip for avoiding too many hard inquires

If you're rate shopping for a mortgage or loan, complete all of your applications within 14 days. The Vantage 3.0 scoring model will count all inquires within 14 days for the same specific type of loan as just one inquiry.

While Rocket Money pulls your credit report and credit score from Experian to give you easy access to monitor your credit information, our team unfortunately doesn’t have direct access to your credit report or score to provide details or make changes.

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