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Credit report disputes: How to fix an error on your Credit Report
Credit report disputes: How to fix an error on your Credit Report

How to dispute errors, late payments, or other marks on your credit report

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There are occasions where an error will occur on your credit report, here's how to fix them:

Disputing late payments & derogatory marks - Negative marks such as late payments negatively impact your score. There are two waysto dispute these. First: you can contact the bank/lender and request for them to remove the mark from your credit file. This will remove it from reports from all 3 bureaus. If the error is instead specific to your Experian credit report, you can create an account with Experian to directly submit a dispute.

Fixing Inaccurate information - If you notice inaccurate information on your report such as closed accounts showing as still open, payments history being incorrect, or other inaccuracies, feel free to also create an account with Experian online and submit a request.

My data isn't up to date - Your credit report should be updated once a month. Not all lenders will update all credit agencies at the same time. There maybe some variation in terms of when Experian receives your data resulting in delayed updates. In general your score and credit report are refreshed separately on a monthly basis.

How do I dispute with other credit agencies?

Rocket Money partners with Experian for our Credit Report data. There are two additional credit bureaus, Equifax and Transunion. To dispute information with those agencies, you can submit disputes online at:


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