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Why is my Rocket Money FICO credit score different than another app?
Why is my Rocket Money FICO credit score different than another app?

Learn more about differences you can see using the different credit scoring models on your credit report

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There are different scoring models used by creditors to determine your credit worthiness and each weighs factors slightly differently depending on their intended use. Common scoring models include the Fair Issac Corporation (FICO) model, VantageScore 3.0, and the scores generated by each of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Some credit scoring models even have different types of scores depending on the type of credit an individual applies for. For example, FICO has over 10 types of scores depending on the type of credit you're seeking. FICO Score 2 may be used when applying for a home, while a FICO Bankcard 8 may be used when applying for a credit card, or FICO Auto Score 9 when applying for a car loan.

Here are a few of the reasons why your Rocket Money FICO credit score may differ from another app or site

There are several reasons why your credit score or FICO score may vary depending on where you look.

A different scoring model was used

Your Rocket Money credit score is calculated using the FICO scoring model and your Experian credit report. We use FICO Score 2 specifically because it's used by lenders when you apply for a mortgage on a home, a goal that we know many of our members would like to achieve. That said, any steps you take to improve your credit will likely help build it across all scoring models.

Depending on the scoring model and specific type of score used by another platform or lender, your score may look different. You can read more about the FICO Score 2 model and the credit worthiness factors it uses here.

Your lenders may not report to all credit agencies

Not all lenders send data to each credit agency. For example, some lenders may only report to Experian, while others may only report to Equifax. This can result in a different account set being used to calculate your score, even if each credit bureau reports a FICO Score. If you aren't sure which credit agencies your lenders are reporting to, you can contact your lenders or credit agencies to ask.


Even when lenders do report to all credit agencies, they may not send updates at the same time. There may also be some variation in the time it takes for each credit bureau to process your data. The best way to compare these details is to look at the underlying credit report that is used in a particular score.

While Rocket Money pulls your credit report and credit score from Experian to give you easy access to monitor your credit information, our team unfortunately doesn’t have direct access to your credit report or score to provide details or make changes.

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