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Take a look at all of the features that are available through our Premium Membership!

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As a Premium Member of Rocket Money, you gain access to a wide array of features designed to streamline your financial management and maximize your savings. Here's a breakdown of what you get with your Premium Membership (please note that these features are not available on our free version of the app):

📊 Unlimited Budgets: You can create unlimited budgets for personal, family, or business needs.

📈 Full Credit Reports: Gain insights into your credit score and a comprehensive credit report using the FICO® 2 scoring model.

Cancellation Services: When you link your bank account(s) to Rocket Money, we’ll begin to analyze your transaction history and automatically identify your subscriptions, bills, and recurring payments. We can help cancel many of these services for you when you request this through the app! We also attempt to secure fee refunds automatically!

💰 Net Worth Tracking: Get a comprehensive view of your financial health by tracking your assets and liabilities in real-time.

🏦 Smart Savings Accounts: Transfer money from your checking account to an FDIC insured bank account to reach your savings goals.

🔁 Real-time Syncing: Get real-time updates of your account balances in the app as we receive them from your banking institution.

💵 Transaction Management: Split transactions between multiple budget categories, leave notes on transactions, and account for large cash purchases in your budget.

🤝🏼 Account Sharing: Share your Rocket Money account with family members, significant others, or your financial advisor in order to help create visibility on budgeting. Once you share your account, they’ll see everything that you see!

↗️ Data Export: Export transaction data for specific time periods for your financial planning or tax needs.

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