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How to: Set up a Smart Savings account
How to: Set up a Smart Savings account

Setting up Smart Savings

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Getting Started

  1. On the Dashboard scroll to your account balances and tap on the Savings row to expand it

  2. If this is your first Smart Savings account, select Start + next to Autopilot Savings. If you already have a Smart Savings account, you can select + New Goal right below your pre-existing account

Choosing your plan

There are three options that you can choose from:

Emergency Fund

Having $1,000 in savings can be a life saver for unexpected financial bumps. The Emergency Fund plan assists you in building your $1,000 quickly and easily.

Safety Net

A Safety Net, which is 3 months worth of expenses, is your next step in the savings journey once your Emergency Fund has been fully funded. This will keep you financially stable in times of need.


Everyone has different savings goals! If you're looking to save for upcoming education, vacation, major life events, etc. you can create your own savings goal.

After selecting your plan, decide how you'd like to save:

Smart Savings

Our intelligent AI transfers small amount to your Rocket Money Savings account every few days. This is an easy way to fund your savings and our overdraft prevention system ensures that we never transfer more than you can afford


Choose how much and how often you'd like to transfer savings into your Rocket Money Savings account.

Activating savings

5. To finish setting up your account, you'll need to confirm your legal name and then select the checking account you'd like to fund Smart Savings with.
Please note that not all checking accounts are compatible with Smart Savings. You can message our support team in the app if you don't see the checking account you'd like to use.

6. Review your account set up, agree to the terms of service and then select Activate Savings.

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