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How much does Rocket Money cost?
How much does Rocket Money cost?

What does Rocket Money charge me?

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We strive to meet each of our members where they are at on their financial journey. That’s why Rocket Money offers both a free and paid version of our services! You can view the specific features associated with both our free and paid versions here 👉 What do I get as a Premium Member? 👈

Premium Membership

If you choose to upgrade your free Rocket Money account to our Premium Membership, you’ll be able to select the price that makes the most sense for you! We understand that paying a monthly or annual fee for something that you’re testing out can be a burden, so we offer a sliding payment scale to our members. You can choose between $3-$12/month, with the $3-$5 options being billed annually for convenience on your end.

When you sign up for a Premium Membership for the first time, you’ll be granted a 7-day, free trial to test the various features. Once your trial has expired, you’ll be charged the amount that you selected upon sign-up.

Bill Negotiation

In addition to our Premium Membership, we also off a separate, paid feature where our team of highly trained individuals can call various services on your behalf (i.e. internet providers, phone companies, etc) to try negotiating a lower cost for your bill. Because this is a very time consuming process for our team members, we will charge you a percentage of your first year savings if we’re able to secure a lower rate for you. Similar to our Premium Membership pricing model, we’ll allow you to choose how much you pay from a sliding scale of 30% - 60% of the first year’s savings.

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