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Do you support multi-factor authentication?
Do you support multi-factor authentication?

Learn more about linking accounts with multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled

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Plaid, our 3rd party linking provider, does support multi-factor authentication. However there are some MFA types that aren’t compatible with Plaid yet. This includes MFAs such as One-Time Passwords (OTP) and Recaptcha (image based MFA). In the future we hope they will support more multi-factor authorization methods.

If you are having trouble linking with MFA, please confirm that your contact information is up-to-date with your bank. If your contact information was recently updated with your bank, it can take several days for those changes to appear for third-party MFA.

We also recommend trying to add your account from a computer or tablet using (not the Rocket Money app). We've found that members have more success with this kind of thing on the Rocket Money website.

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