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How to customize a low balance alert
How to customize a low balance alert

Learn how to change or remove a low balance alert in Rocket Money

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Rocket Money automatically sets a balance alert to notify you whenever the balance in your checking account drops below $200. This can help avoid potential overdraft fees or having a charge get declined if the balance in your account is too low. However, you may want to set your balance alert higher or lower than the automatic $200 threshold.

For example, if you prefer to keep more money in your checking account and want to increase the balance amount from $200 to $500. On the flip side, maybe you regularly (and intentionally) withdraw your account below $200 and want to remove or reduce the threshold, from $200 to $50, for example.

Use the following steps to customize or remove your balance alert(s):

  1. Visit your Settings in the Rocket Money app. Currently, you cannot customize balance alerts on the web / desktop version of Rocket Money

  2. Select, “Notifications & Alerts”

  3. Click an existing alert to edit or “+ Balance Alert” to make a new alert

Want to change the types of alerts you receive all together? You can also do this from the Notifications & Alerts screen in the Rocket Money app.

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