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I could have done this myself
I could have done this myself

Can I do my own bill negotiation?

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While it's true that anyone can reach out to negotiate with their provider directly, one of the primary benefits of using our negotiation service is that we save you the time and hassle of reaching out, navigating phone trees, and waiting on hold just to speak to a representative.

In addition to saving you time, our team of negotiators are all trained in the best techniques and strategies to maximize the savings applied to your bill. Each negotiation is different and our negotiators invest time in each negotiation to thoroughly go over your current service level and break down your rate with a rep to analyze the savings opportunities. We look for ways to save on your existing service, and even ways to upgrade your service at a cost savings. We won't ever downgrade or remove features from your account to save money, without getting your authorization first.

Lastly, we do allow our users to choose their own fee, based on a percentage of the savings we negotiate for you. This way, you can pay what you feel is fair for the service that we provided.

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