Why is Truebill becoming Rocket Money?

While we loved the Truebill name, it no longer serves the breadth of what we offer or where we’re going. We believe Rocket Money better reflects our product and loftier mission to help millions across all aspects of their finances. As part of the Rocket platform, Rocket Money will seamlessly deliver the information, services, and products our members need along all stages of their financial journey. To learn more about our decision to rebrand, check out this blog post From our CEO: Truebill to Become Rocket Money

What’s changing in the app?

Besides the name and color scheme of the app (we lovingly call it “summer sunrise”), you’ll notice very little change—expect the same features and overall functionality you have grown to rely on.

That being said–we always have our eyes towards the future and want to keep building an experience that will make it even easier to improve your financial well-being. Stay tuned for some exciting updates and new features! Including–you asked for it–dark mode!

Will Rocket have access to my financial data?

Just like Truebill did, Rocket Money will always put our members’ privacy first. Accordingly, we’ve teamed up with our parent company, Rocket Companies, to implement a more consumer-centric, comprehensive global privacy policy that will expand our disclosures to cover everything we do. We aim to be clear about our data practices while providing strong protections for, and transparency about how we use your data. Please stay tuned as we update our terms in plain language.

Will there be any changes to my Premium subscription?

Nope! We'll keep all our same Premium Features going such as credit reports, net worth tracking, smart savings, and more. We're also happy to welcome Rocket Mortgage clients that may be new to Rocket Money – existing and new Rocket Mortgage clients will receive premium for free.

Do I now have an account with Rocket?

Most members have already been prompted to transition their Truebill account to a Rocket account, which can be used to sign into several of the Rocket-affiliated websites including Rocket Money, Rocket Homes, Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Loans, and Rocket Auto. We hope this makes your life easier as you check out everything Rocket offers along your financial journey. If you haven’t already been prompted, this will likely occur within the next 30 days or the next time you log out and attempt to log back into Rocket Money, whichever comes first.

Will I need to reconnect my accounts?

Nope! Any bank accounts, settings, and personal information you previously had stored or connected in Truebill will stay the same in Rocket Money.

Can I only connect to bank accounts affiliated with Rocket?

Nope! Because our goal is to help you see and manage all their finances in one place, you can still add multiple accounts from different institutions, not just those affiliated with Rocket, like a Rocket personal loan or example.

Any other questions? Feel free to chat our support team directly in the app.

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