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How does Smart Savings work?
How does Smart Savings work?
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Smart Savings is a safe and easy way to set aside money to achieve your savings goals, no matter how big or small. You choose the amount you want to transfer and how often you want the transfers to be. Your smart savings are completely in your hands.

When you start a Smart Savings account with Rocket Money the account is held in an FDIC insured US based bank account. For security purposes, money deposited into a Smart Savings account can only be withdrawn to the exact checking account from which it came from.

Here’s how to access and manage your Smart savings account:

  • Go to the Savings section on the Dashboard tab in the app under Net Cash.

  • Tap on the Savings section to expand it

  • Scroll down until you see the sub-section, "Smart Savings."

  • Your Smart Savings accounts will be listed here.

  • Tap on any of your Smart Savings accounts to view your balance, make a withdrawal, and edit your goals

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