If you received a notification or an email saying we need more information to cancel your subscription, that means that we were unable to use the information provided when you requested the cancellation to properly locate or verify the correct account with the service. This may be because the service requested information we have not yet collected from you or that some of the information you have already provided did not match the account information for that subscription.

If we're requesting your login credentials, the credentials you provided on your cancellation request did not match any active accounts. Make sure you enter the corresponding username/email address and password for the subscription you are looking to cancel. For example, if you want us to cancel Netflix for you, you should submit the email address and password for the Netflix account that is charging you.

If we're requesting other cancellation information, the subscription provider let us know that they were unable to find the account charging you with the information we were given. Make sure to submit the information that is listed on the account that is charging you. For example, if you want us to cancel Amazon Prime for you, you should enter the subscription information for the Amazon Prime account that is charging you.

Note: If you do not know your login information, you are not sure what information connects to the account charging your card, or you have any other questions related to cancellations that ask for login credentials - Send support a message and we'll make sure to help you figure out how to get that subscription cancelled!

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