What does this mean for Truecard users?

Your overall experience with our app and credit card will remain the same. The only changes you’ll notice is how the credit card looks and what it’s called.

Truecard will change its name to Rocket Card, but it will still have all the same functions, features, and benefits. The new Rocket Money app will have a sleek and fun feel to it, but the functionality and layout will remain exactly the same.

You will have the option to keep your physical Truecard or switch to a Rocket Card, which will have a different design. Both cards will function exactly the same way.

Look out for a message from us about the option to switch your card at a later date.

What will happen with my Truecard?

Great mews: You can keep your Truecard! Keeping your Truecard as memorabilia could be a pretty sweet way to show that you were one of the first and only elite Truecard holders.

Be aware that starting late October, we'll start referring to your current Truecard as your Rocket Card. It is the same card—nothing will change there.

Will any of the Truecard features or benefits go away?

Absolutely not. Everything will stay the same and will only get better as we work to improve the Truecard—ahem, Rocket Card—experience over time.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact our support team by chatting directly in the Truebill app.

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