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The digital Rocket Card and physical Rocket Card will have different numbers, including the PAN (16-digit card number), expiration date, and CVV. Both are connected to the same account (and credit line).

The main reason we provide a digital card with unique numbers is for security purposes: If you lose or need to replace your physical card for any reason, your digital card won't be impacted—you will still be able to use your digital card for any purchases while your replacement physical card ships.

The new physical card will have new numbers, expiration date, and CVV, but the digital wallet numbers will remain constant until the expiration date.

For this reason, we recommend using your digital card for all online purchases just in case you lose your physical card, since your digital wallet numbers won't change.

Rocket Card is Powered by Deserve and issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC.

Rocket Card is exclusive to Rocket Money Premium subscribers.

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