How frequently will payments be made?

Frequency of payments depends on how frequently you use your card. If you use your card frequently, you can expect anywhere from 4-6 payments per month.

We will never schedule payments two days in a row.

Payments will be scheduled on business days, avoiding holidays and weekends, typically Monday-Thursday.

How much of a heads-up will I receive before payments are made?

We will alert you about scheduled payments on the day of the payment, giving you about 10 hours notice from the time we alert you via push notification.

We’ll notify you early in the morning, giving you about 10 hours’ notice to either accept or skip the payment. If you do nothing, we will process the payment.


Scheduling the payment for the same day enables us to make sure we're following the rules you set for us by checking your account balances the same day the payment is made. We never want schedule a payment days in advance, only to risk overdraft if an unexpected transaction hits your account and you're unable to afford the payment.

How much will payments typically be?

SmartPayments are never more than your Maximum Daily Payment, which you can set in your payment settings.

Because SmartPay’s purpose is to help you grow your credit, we will attempt to pay down your statement balance as much as possible each month, which can help boost your credit score (More on that here). This means that your SmartPayment amount could be up to your Maximum Daily Payment amount, especially if you use card frequently.

If SmartPay doesn’t pay off your entire statement balance by the statement due date, we will check to see if you’ve selected a Fallback Payment option to pay down your remaining balance. We will attempt this payment—either the minimum payment or any remaining statement balance—at the end of your statement period.

To check how much these amounts (minimum payment or statement balance), access your latest statement by clicking on “Manage” at the top of your Rocket Card account screen. You’ll see “Minimum payment” (self-explanatory), and “New Balance” which is your total statement balance. This amount may be more than your current balance, depending on how many SmartPayments have gone through since your statement period began.

What is a statement balance?

A statement balance is the balance left on your card after the end of your statement period, or billing cycle. You have one statement cycle after the end of the statement period to pay the statement balance.

The statement period for your card starts typically on the day of the month you opened your card account.

For example, say the balance on your card as of the last day of your statement period was $525. That’s your statement balance. The statement due date is one month from the end of your statement end date. So you have a month to pay down $525, regardless of additional balance add to your card during the current statement period.

What is a fallback payment?

One of the payment settings you chose when you first enrolled in SmartPay was to select a fallback payment.

In the case that you’re unable to pay the entire statement balance for your card during the statement period—either because your SmartPayments weren’t high enough to cover the balance or because you needed to skip payments—you’ll pay either the minimum payment or the remainder of your statement balance (whatever you chose as your setting) as a way to avoid late fees and/or interest.

You can also choose to do nothing, which may leave you vulnerable to late fees and interest if you don’t pay your entire statement balance by the statement due date.

For example, if you pay at least the minimum payment by the statement due date, but you still have remaining statement balance, you’ll accrue interest. This is why it’s a good idea to check your statement when it’s available to understand what’s due.

How will SmartPay know how much is a safe amount to pay?

When you choose a Maximum Daily Payment and a Safe-to-Pay Threshold when you first get your Rocket Card, you’re providing us with a guide for how to pay down your card.

Before we schedule a SmartPayment, we’re assessing whether you have money that’s safe to spend based on your safe-to-pay threshold.

If you have money that’s safe to spend, we’ll attempt a payment amount that we predict will pay down your statement balance fastest without ever going above your Maximum Daily Payment.

Can I limit the payment amount?

Yes! You’re totally in control of your payment settings: Adjust your maximum daily payment and your safe-to-pay threshold by navigating to your payment settings.

What if SmartPay overdrafts my account?

Although we work very hard to avoid overdrafts by assessing your Safe-to-Spend Threshold on each day we decide to make a payment, in rare instances, a SmartPayment could cause an overdraft.

If that happens, please contact our support team.

Support team details:

  • Phone: 1-650-681-2295

    • Monday - Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm EST

    • Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm EST

It’s always a good practice to set a conservative Safe-to-Spend Threshold so you’re unlikely to ever overdraft.

Can I still make manual payment even if I have SmartPay enabled?

You sure can! You can navigate to your account screen to make a manual payment.

  1. Go to your dashboard tab

  2. Tap “Card Balance” under “Accounts”

  3. Tap your card

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