To pay down your card balance, you have a few options. You can choose to pay manually, set up an automatic payment, or you can enable SmartPay (our recommendation):

Enable SmartPay to help grow your credit

This is a feature that helps you grow your credit by automatically paying down your balance regularly and on-time, helping you avoid accruing interest—one of the biggest contributors to credit card debt. You set the payment rules, and SmartPay does the rest, attempting to pay down in small bites over time, instead of one big chunk at the end of the month.

Set up an automatic payment, AKA “Autopay”

This option will make one payment amount of your choosing per month for you. This can be the current balance, the statement balance, the minimum payment, or a custom amount. You can also choose which date to schedule this payment.

Pay manually

This enables you to select any amount you like, whenever you want to pay. You can choose an amount to pay: the minimum balance, the statement balance, your entire current balance, or a custom amount.

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