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How does Rocket Money save me money?
How does Rocket Money save me money?

What are the ways to save money using Rocket Money?

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Rocket Money offers several ways to save users money.  

  1. Cancelling Subscriptions
    First and foremost, we automatically identify your subscriptions, bills, and other recurring payments.  Many people are accidentally paying for stuff they no longer use.  You can cancel these unwanted services or have our concierge do it for you (Premium members only).

  2. Bill Negotiation
    We can negotiate with your internet, cable, cell phone, security, and other bills to try to get you better rates on your existing plans. When conducting a negotiation, your provider uses the account information provided to us to authenticate your account.

    We will always try to negotiate the biggest discount possible. Promotions added can vary in length from one time credits to 6, 12, or 24 months in length. The majority of promotions applied will be 12 months in length. Rocket Money will always accept the biggest promotion, discount or credit available, as long as it does not downgrade or remove features from your account.

    This service is very time intensive so we have to charge for it, however we do it on a success fee basis. We charge your choice of a percentage of the first year savings as a success fee - you can choose any amount from 30% to 60%.

  3. Avoiding Overdrafts
    By tracking your balances and upcoming bills, our users avoid overdrafting their accounts (and the expensive fees that come along with it).  You can also create Balance Alerts (from Settings -> Balance Alerts) to notify you when your balances drop below a specified threshold.

These are just some ways we help put money back in your pocket. We are continually improving our app and services each and every month!

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